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Bridge Closed in Downtown Stroudsburg | News

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Bridge Closed in Downtown Stroudsburg

Drivers traveling through downtown Stroudsburg will start noticing a bit more congestion.

A bridge replacement project that has been postponed twice before is finally underway.

PennDOT officials closed the Seventh Street Bridge in order to replace the nearly 80-year-old structure that is now falling apart.

The bridge has also seen its share of wear and tear. PennDOT said about 9,000 drivers use the bridge each day.  Many use it to leave downtown and connect to Interstate 80 or to get to downtown after they exit I-80 East.

Now the bridge is closed for many months ahead, forcing drivers to take a less-convenient detour.

"I think it sucks.  It's out of the way to go all the way around and all the way down Main Street to get back up Main Street," said Shelly Coslar of Stroudsburg.

"They should find another way to make sure that bridge stays open because most people come to my place use this bridge," said Bubacar Bari of Stroudsburg.

"Basically you're going to have to deal with it. It's long overdue and needs to be done before the darn thing falls down and hurts somebody," said George Hettinger of Reeders.

PennDOT officials said the bridge had to be closed to replace it, costing $7.9 million.

Officials said the replacement is needed for the bridge that was built in the 1934 and last upgraded in 1969.

Some drivers are also businesses owners in the area.  They said the bridge closure concerns them a bit more.

"It's not only my business, every business in Stroudsburg will be affected by the fact this bridge is closed.  There's no doubt about it. I think there is another way to solve this problem," said Bari.

"I'm a local contractor. It's takes a few extra minutes just to get through this area but you're going to have to deal with it," said Hettinger.

PennDOT officials said drivers will have to get used to the detour and congestion because the bridge won't be complete until December, 2012.


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